Basic rules for hair care


Taking proper care of your hair is very important. With changing seasons, the hair care procedure also changes. But there are a few basic things that remains throughout the year. One needs to follow them properly. For hair care information, go to The website is filled with advice on how to increase hair growth.

Buy a shampoo which is absolutely sulphate free and those which are made specifically keeping in mind the damaged hair. Go for a conditioner which is light and belong to the same brand as that of the shampoo. It is said, using the same brand is always good. Natural product enriched shampoos and conditioners are good for damaged hair. Do not use hot water to wash the damaged hair. Always try to wash it with cold or normal water. After washing damaged hair, let it dry naturally in natural wind. Do not use a comb, before it gets properly dried.

One can also use natural hair care products if they feel that market products may not suit their hair. In fact, natural hair products have fewer chemicals which is actually good for hair care.

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Oil is also very crucial for hair treatment, as they have a lot of nutrients and minerals. Olive oil is the best for damaged and rough hair. Warm half a cup of olive oil and then apply it thoroughly on your hair. Wrap it with a towel and keep it for an hour. Then wash it away with a shampoo.

Do not forget to use conditioner after the shampoo is done. Let your hair dry naturally after that. Did you know that a few drops of essential oil can increase the benefits and improve your health even more when you take a bath? Visit the website to get the solution.

What you eat always shows in your hair. The regular diet should be rich in iron and protein. This is because; the hair cells are the fastest cells to grow if one is living on a healthy diet. If they are not, then the hair is the first one to get affected negatively. That is why; iron rich foods like fresh and leafy vegetables, fishes, beans, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, soybeans and cereals should e regular in one’s every day diet.

Always go for a good hair brush. A good quality hair brush is worth buying. You can buy those brushes which has natural bristle brushes which have round shaped bristles which are very firm. They are very gentle to the hair and do not pull too much of hair. Do not be worried if you lose 100 to 150 hairs per day while combing because; experts say this is a common thing. It is good to get rid of bad and affected hairs than to keep it. When you are combing wet hair strands, try to do it very carefully as wet hair is very fragile and tend to break. It is better to use a broad toothed comb when combing wet hair strands as it runs gently through the hair.

One can also buy natural hair colour products and try to colour their hair if they want to style them in that way. But if one already has damaged hair then it is better to not use hair colours till the hair becomes normal and healthy.

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