Importance of pregnancy baby kicks


Pregnancy is a miracle where you expect some positive and not so comfortable changes. When should you feel a baby kick is an important question for a first time mother? It reminds that there is a life inside a womb. Happiness is inside your womb and will emerge any time soon. With kicks you are able to establish an emotional bond with your partner. It is not that as foetus is known to have a healthy growth.

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Let us understand more in details.

Kicks indicate normal growth along with development of your baby

With baby kicks it notifies that the baby is having a healthy development inside your womb. Babies when they turn, roll or tumble you can understand that a baby is active. When they stretch out their limbs you feel a flutter in your abdomen. These movements become more evident during the ending phase of pregnancy.

The kicks of the baby are going to increase when you are lying on the side

In case if you sleep on the side, baby kicks are going to increase. The reason being that the supply of blood is going to increase when you are lying on the right or the left side towards better movements. The moment a mother sleeps on the back a baby is going to become less active, whereby they conserve oxygen. When a mother was on the right or the left side a baby had to be more active. The moment a mother went on to change their position, activity state of the baby also changed.

The kicks of the baby are felt after 9 weeks

When you feel a flutter during the early phase of pregnancy, it means baby movements. Around 7 week of pregnancy these movements start which would be pretty much early for a pregnant mother to feel them. Once they touch 9 weeks of gestation they do start to move their limbs. With an ultrasound scan you can figure out more about the kicks. Once you touch 24 weeks of gestation, the hiccups along with kicks are being felt very often.

If the kicks reduce it shows that the baby could be in distress

The moment you touch 28 weeks, the doctor asks you to keep a count of your baby kicks. In a couple of hours the baby would kick around 10 times. If frequency of kicks is reduced it would point to occurrence of distress. The emotional along with physical state take a toll on the health of a mother. Lack of nutritional supply could trigger nervous or reduced brain activity. Keep walking or drink a lot of water in case if you do not feel the kick of the baby.

There is no cause of worry if intensity of kicks reduces in the later stages of pregnancy. Babies are known to rest for a minimum of 40 minutes at a single go, which shows that there is no need to panic. To know more information, click the website

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