What Do You Consider Weapons of Sport in this Dangerous Modern Day World?

There is a crucial difference between the weapons we use for sport and the ones that are used in war. However, today, we are stuck in a controversial conversation with gun owners about making laws to keep war type weapons out of the hands of persons who live amongst common civilians. Because for a lot of gun owners, to take away any type of gun is a constitutional disregard for the second amendment.

The Argument That Validates an Opinion

In my opinion, it is the fear of strict gun laws that brings up the fight for the right to keep lesser laws to obtain a gun. The truth is, no one who fights for gun reform wants to take away the right of the hunter or any type of gun owner who uses it merely for a sport, to keep their weapons that contribute to that sport. Therefore, a conversation is good, but it must come with open ears and eyes on both sides of that conversation.

Although there have been detrimental cases that have been seen by the whole world within the last seven years that show a rise in the death toll of innocent humans by mentally unstable individuals and their easy access to semi-automatic weapons; it still has not moved the NRA and the groups’ followers to recognize the complete dangers that a semi-automatic weapon such as an ar-15 can do and continues to do to societies where innocent people and their families live. The reality that gun owners fail to realize is that gun violence is one of the biggest reasons we now live in a deteriorating world. It is too simple for semi-automatic weapons to be purchased by mentally ill individuals.

A Civilian’s Outlook About the Differences Between Weapons Used for War and Weapons Used for Sport

Therefore, with this article, I would like to differentiate sport weapons to weapons that do not represent any type of sport. And also make a case for better laws that would protect us all without taking away a sane person’s legal right to bear arms. The truth is, weapons of sport versus weapons of destruction should be easy enough to separate.

For instance, an avid gun owner would argue that any ar-15 rifles have been around for decades and that they are, indeed, used in hunting big game. Well, that would be half correct. Except, as the military has spruced up their semi-automatic weapons, such as the M16, gun manufacturers have continued to build and model the ar-15 after this military style weapon. Therefore, it has since become more of a weapon of war rather than a weapon of a sport-related event.

Granted, gun lovers like the power of this type of gun. However, if we have paid close attention without the ignorance of turning the other cheek, we know that lives are being taken more and more not by a single shot rifle, which is mainly used for the sport of the hunt, but with the ar-15’s that are built to carry more than a cock and shoot mechanism. A semi-automatic gun will shoot without pause in order to never miss. Where is the sport in that? Even AR-10 rifles fall in the same category.

Even a Born and Bred Southerner Can See the Difference Between Guns That Are Intended for Sport and Guns That Are Intended for Destruction

As a person who was born and raised in the south, I have seen a lot of sport rifles. When it comes to hunting or nailing a bullseye during target sports, most people who love these types of challenging activities will carry single shot rifles with a clear focused scope such as Rugers – not annihilation weapons. Muzzleloaders and bows are also weaponry for sport. Is the difference a little clearer now?

For the final argument to the gun law debate. I hope people who read this article will start to open up and obtain a better understanding as to why we need stricter gun reform laws. It is not to squash the second amendment, only to amend it in a way that relates to our modern-day circumstances.


How To Upgrade Yourself With The Strategies In Any Sports?

Developing a successful sport watching strategy is easier than ever with the multitude of choices in this digital age. Social Pro Daily suggests the key to following sports successfully begins with getting the right channel mix. While many sports organizations utilize Facebook and YouTube, many sports fans are utilizing digital channels. Using smartphones and tables 80% of sports fans use the internet to watch and engage in their favourite games. 30% of sports followers stream live sports events. The options for placing wagers on sports are more easily accessible than ever.

Sports Marketing

Industry leaders from around the world in sports marketing and media gather in New York City to attend a 2-day conference to discuss the latest trend in sports marketing. Insights in market management, network opportunities, social media strategies, and engagement are key topics. Scribble Live outlines 3 of the most important concepts from this seminar.

– Fans love to share content. Many sports fans use their devices to search for sports topics during games. Modern sports are not confined to the venue, and 50% prefer to follow their teams digitally.

– The mobile market is busting at the seams. Aaron Strout Marketing identified there are 3.65 billion mobile users around the world following sports.

– One of the first places sports marketers share updates is on social media. Marketers understand how much activity is broadcast on social media and fans are eager to engage and pass along new news and content.

Enhancing The Sports Experience Through Betting

Entering into our digital age of watching sports, fans can enhance their sports experience through gambling. Major leagues such as the NBA, NHL, who have previously had legislative blocks on betting, are now joining the betting trend. New agreements are being made with local casinos. Sports fans are eager to have a wager on the games or sports they are viewing, and there are new options for providing that opportunity.

Sports fans eager to enhance their betting experience can now use websites and mobile applications to quickly and easily place their bets. Bluebet sports gambling is an example of a sports betting site that offers high powered betslip, fluctuation charts, several options for racing platforms, cash out options, as well as a social betting platform to bet to share tips and winners with friends.

Advantages Of Sports App Betting

There are many advantages to use mobile betting applications for placing bets on a favourite sport. Many sports fans have multiple sports they like to watch and follow. The mobile app allows users to bet using their smart-phones, wherever and whenever they desire. The mobile sports betting apps being offered by developers today, offer top-notch and lucrative services for the avid sports fan.

Additional advantages of sports betting apps are that betters can place their wages from anywhere in the world. Information such as odds, scores, statistics, account balances, can be checked easily and ready any time of day or night. Sports betting software is advanced in its technology offering flexible, secure, first-class betting options.

So Many Sports, So Many Options

Just as betting applications offer quick, easy, and reliable options for gambling on your favourite sport, there are websites that can be accessed by computer or mobile device that make following multiple sports easier. The Sweet Setup researched and compared the best applications for following sports, and Yahoo Sports was picked as the leader. This application offers an easy-to-follow design, customizable notifications, the latest news, and all the results from your favourite sports events. While ESPN and the Score came in as close seconds, Yahoo Sports maintained the lead.

For the sports enthusiast, this age of digital accessibility, following all your favourite sports is quick, easy, reliable, and allows many choices for watching, betting, and Tweeting about the latest results.


Does Height Matter in Basketball?

Given the agility and dynamism involved in this game, Basketball, unlike most other sport games, demands tall players. Hence, height plays an important role when it comes to basketball. It is important to stay physically fit. Daily workout is the way to stay in shape. Now, what is the advantage of being tall? A tall player can easily access the hoop. Most important, it becomes easier for tall player to hit the target.

Now, not all basketball enthusiasts are blessed with great height. There are indeed many individuals who are not above average. Despite the shortcomings, they want to play basket. They love to read about the games. Moreover, some of them follow each basketball news and watch games on TV and discuss the results of every game with friends. Won’t they ever be able to play serious basketball?

As a matter of fact, basketball requires lots of technique, even more than height. A good basketball player can compensate the physical shortcoming only through mastering the skill. Remember, without good technique, no player can do much or achieve much even with great height and physical features. Hence, it is important to work at right move, hand-eye coordination, swiftness and all. It requires much of practice to run and through the ball in full spirit. It does not mean to you have to be the tallest to be successful in the game.

Do you know the American player Tyrone Muggsy Bogues? He is the smallest player in the history of basketball. Despite being only 5.3 feet, Tyrone became the professional point guard in NBA. After representing five teams during during his fourteen’ season career, Tyrone is an inspiration for those young sports enthusiasts who are not as tall as other players of the sport. So, don’t worry. Practice hard and master the skill.

Even though height is important in basketball, it is not always the priority. The most important criterion is a good technique. As in any other, basketball too is all about playing and winning. Hence, you can’t ignore the importance of good technique that brings success in the end.

The general notion that short player cannot excel in basketball has been put away by many veteran basketball players. According to them, it’s all about passion and willingness to learn that matter the most. It really does not matter how tall or short you are.

There are many players who are 5’3″ or 5’5″ and despite their average height, they have been successful in this game. So, it’s not about size. It’s about finding a place to go and work out and of course, you coach has a big role to play.

Since, basket is a competitive sport, it requires agility and skill. It’s important for any player to work on skill and develop their positions. A tall player may gain the advantage at the center position, but three years later, his weaknesses and vulnerabilities get exposed. Height no longer helps him anyway. Therefore, his game has to develop in other areas too. So work hard and let your skill set distinguish you from the rest.

William Schoellkopf III is a 35 year athlete from Miami, Florida. He is professional soccer player and put together several interesting articles all together. His recent write-up sums up whether height and size matter in basketball.

Events Sports

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Benefits of a Grappling Dummy to an MMA Athlete

A grappling dummy is needed in many fighting sports such as Judo, Jujutsu, BJJ and MMA etc. When talking about MMA fighters, an MMA grappling dummy is one of the most important training objects in the business. These specially designed dummies are available all over the world. This reflects a grappling dummy’s importance for an MMA fighter. However, some beginner fighters are still not properly familiar with the benefits a grappling dummy may provide for a real MMA fight.


MMA fighters need to learn one basic move in an MMA fight; takedowns. These takedowns help fighters to subject their opponents to a heavy and intense blow which helps in gaining time during a real fight. There are no limits to these dummies as an MMA grappling dummy can be put down as many times as a fighter would want. This helps to master your cage takedowns, Thai clinches and even dirty boxing, if you have that up your sleeve.

Kicks and Knees:

One of the major techniques used by almost every MMA fighter is to advance with a knee to. This is a primary and basic attack which helps you to prepare your main attack in the form of a deadly punch or an arm lock. These grappling dummies can help you master your knees without hurting them in the process. You can target your knees and kicks precisely. This will also help to reveal your weak spots while attempting a kick or a knee.

Punches and Elbows:

MMA fighters need a strong set of punches and elbows when they enter the ring. These techniques are important when your strategy is offensive. An MMA grappling dummy can help you practice drills such as a Superman Punch from the guard, elbows from the aspect control position and punches through the guard.

Real Fight Stimulation:

MMA grappling dummies provide a real fight stimulation which helps an MMA fighter to understand the true nature of the sport. Some may misjudge the danger they are in and get hurt in the process. To avoid this, training with an MMA grappling dummy is important.

An MMA grappling dummy can help professional MMA fighters get a real MMA fight experience and master their skills before they enter the cage. MMA is a cold-blooded sport and even professional fighters get injured often due to a wrongly executed move. A grappling dummy will help you in landing every blow on point when you are in a real MMA fight.