Five Genuine Rules to Build Bigger Muscles


A lot of people who are new in the gymnasium think they must go back to home if they cannot lift heavy weights. Actually, people think that lifting heavy weights is the only thing they can do to achieve bigger muscle mass and the problem arises when they want to get bigger overnight. They don’t want to give it a couple of weeks with a lot of hard work. That is the reason why they opt for others not so genuine ways for faster muscle building. In this article you will come to know about organic ways of muscle building, which will take some time, but they are without any kind of side effects.

Compound Exercises

This means involving more than one muscle group in a single exercise and there are several researchers which are in favor of the same. By doing a single exercise, you can work out multiple muscle groups within the same timeframe. Whereas on the other hand, isolation exercises like bicep curl only targets one muscle at a time. Squat is a compound exercise and it targets your glutes, leg muscles and thighs. There are many different benefits for bodybuilders which they can get by compound exercises.

Cardio Exercises

When doing a strength training keep cardio exercises at second number and at last you can opt for aerobic exercise. In case you do cardio exercises first, then you cannot perform well in the strength training because your muscles will get tired by the time you will reach weight training.

There is good news for those people who want to lose fat that after strength training your metabolic rate increases. It stays at that level even while you are resting, but when you do cardio exercises after strength training, then the fat burning process increases in manifolds.

Eating After a Workout

You may have seen people drinking protein shakes and consuming other things right after their workout. This is the right time to supply nutrients and other essential elements to the body so that it can rebuild the muscles. You can consume complex carbohydrates to provide instant energy. Make 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates and proteins for better results.


Genetics play a significant role when we talk about increasing muscle mass, but you cannot do much about it. On the other hand, overtraining is common among new bodybuilders and this is the thing which is hindering the growth of many bodybuilders. They do not understand that without giving enough time to your muscles for recovery, you cannot grow bigger. By overtraining you are not doing any favor to your muscles.

Increase your Weights Gradually

When you gradually increase your weights, you allow your muscles to adopt and recover. As a general rule of thumb, you can add 5% of weight every week. Suppose you are doing bench press with 100 pounds of weight, then you can add 5 pounds in the next week. This will challenge your muscles and give the strain they need. In the beginning you may find some problem with adjusting to 5% increase in the weights, but after some time you will get adjust to it. Proper techniques of exercising will bring many different benefits for bodybuilders.

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