Why Do So Many British People Move To Australia?


The rate of Brits moving off to start a new life in Australia isn’t as high as it once was. However, Down Under is still seen as being a hugely tempting destination for anyone looking to make a major change in their lives.

The heyday of British emigration to Australia happened in the decades following World War Two, when the so-called Ten Pound Poms headed South in great numbers. Over a million Brits went to live in Australia between 1945 and 1972 for just a few pounds but what is it that attracts so many people these days?

A Warmer Climate

Who doesn’t look out of their window during a cold, grey British day and long for year round sunshine and trips to the beach? The glorious Australian climate is definitely a big factor that helps many people to make up their minds about trying out a new life abroad.

Of course, a warmer climate isn’t just something this is nice to have if you want to get a tan. There can also be good medical reasons for moving to somewhere drier and sunnier. For example, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was born in Wales. Her family headed to Australia in the hope that the better climate would cure her lung problems.

For many British immigrants the Australian weather is pretty close to their idea of paradise on Earth.

A Better Lifestyle

The lure of a better lifestyle is even more appealing for many Brits than the appeal of the weather. Can you imagine finding a place where you spend far more time outdoors, enjoy more sporting activities and eat healthier? This could be where you finally achieve the work/life balance that you have always wanted.

There are some very good reasons why the big Australian cities are regularly named in the lists of the best places in the world to live. A big part of this is the chance that they offer to obtain an ideal lifestyle in a welcoming and friendly environment.

If you have always wondered if there is more to life than commuting and working then a move like this could be perfect. After you emigrate to Australia from the UK you may wonder why it took you so long to find your ideal place to live.

More Work Opportunities

The possibility of greater career opportunities has traditionally been another of the strongest reasons for heading Down Under to live. Many of the big cities here have growing economies and offer the chance to enjoy a better career than you may get in the UK.

It is also worth remembering that Australia suffers from a chronic skills shortage that sees the country offer visas to skilled immigrants who can provide some of the skills it desperately needs. The list of occupations that need filled covers a wide of careers such as dentists, teachers and nurses.

Moving to a new country means working hard and starting all over again in many respects. However, with more work opportunities waiting for you then you will sense that your future is definitely now in your own hands. There are plenty of jobs in Australia for UK citizens right now, so if you want to try something different and exciting then there is no need to wait any longer.

A Sense of Adventure

Could there be anything more adventurous in life than moving abroad to start a new life in a country like Australia? Of course, there is no language barrier to overcome and much of the culture is familiar to Brits.

Having said that, just knowing that you are on the opposite side of the world from where you were born is a huge factor. When you see the difference in the night sky or how Christmas falls in the summer season you will realise just how far from home you have travelled.

Yet, it is this very idea of travelling to the other side of the world that make a move to Australia so exciting. It is easy to see why so many bold and adventurous immigrants have moved here over the last couple of centuries, looking for fame and fortune or just for a better life. It is with a giddy sense of adventure and a light heart that most new arrivals first set foot on Australian soil and begin their new life.

If you have the courage to try something different then it is easy to see the huge attraction of Australia as your new home country. Setting up home somewhere new isn’t easy but the rewards for going it a go are incredible.

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