Places to Visit with Your Pet in Australia


You and he/she are best friends and you wouldn’t think of going anywhere without them, even if it means taking them on a road trip in a campervan hire throughout Australia. Fortunately, Australia loves their animals and you can rest assured that you will have plenty of fun with your four-legged friend on your trip.

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Some people don’t take trips for fear of leaving their beloved pet behind, but the truth is that there are plenty of great places to take your animal while traveling and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun that can be had with them.

Following are some of the best places for you and your pets as you travel throughout Australia. Take a look:


  • Brisbane is a great destination for you and your friend. There are plenty of pet-friendly beaches to take your dog to. You can be sure that as much as you enjoy a day spent at the beach, your furry friend will too. If your animal has never been to the beach, Brisbane is a great place for their first Australian beach experience.
  • Of course, there is nothing more exciting for your pet than being able to run free and enjoy nature. For this experience in Brisbane, you will want to visit the surrounding state forests where you and your pet can have a wonderful time exploring the Honeyeater Track or visiting Mt. Coot-tha.


  • This area could possibly be one of the very best destinations for people with dogs as friends. It’s where you can find a multitude of dog-friendly parks in the city for your dog to have a great time at. Just make sure to be a responsible dog parent, as you would need to be anywhere you go.
  • Go ahead and visit the Blackwood Forest Recreation Park for time spent in nature with your little one. They will have a fabulous time, as will you. Whether you go mountain biking with them by your side or simply walk the area, it’s a great spot for the both of you to get your body moving after days spent on the road in a campervan hire.
  • There is a plethora of dog-friendly restaurants and cafes where you can take your dog if you need a bite-to-eat without having to worry about being allowed to go with your pet.



  • Here, you will find the dream-world of all dogs. At Centennial Parklands, your dog will be able to run free as there is an area for off-leash fun. It’s what dogs’ dreams are made of and you wouldn’t want to deny your little one a chance at getting to enjoy the equivalence of what Disneyland is to children, would you?
  • Do you want to enjoy some good food with a view? Head on over to The Boathouse Palm Beach where you and your pet will both be received with welcoming arms—well, at least words.


  • Melbourne has a great atmosphere pets. In fact, they like dogs to get used to walking around without a leash. There are many places that you can take your pup to run and play at and one such place that many dog parents love is Caulfield Park. It has plenty of room for free running and playing and even a running track for the dogs who like to put in a good workout.
  • Darebin Parklands is yet another great place to let your dog have the time of their life. With plenty of special areas for leash-free running, you can be sure that your dog will want to go back to Melbourne again and again. Why shouldn’t he? It’s one of the best places for dogs in Australia and for humans as well, for that matter.
  • As with most dog-friendly cities, Melbourne has plenty of great spots where you can go with your pet and enjoy a meal or a drink. “Melbournenites” love their pets just as you do, so rest assured there are plenty of hot spots where you and your friend can socialize and make new friends.

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While many national parks don’t allow dogs-unfortunately-you can find places that offer affordable boarding for your pet should you decide to visit one of the famous parks while on your road trip to these various destinations and cities. Don’t feel bad; your dog will be in great hands. With a little research, you can find a dog kennel where they will have some “much-needed” dog time while you explore the great outdoors.

When you come back from your adventures, go ahead and take them on one of their own in one of the state forests or city parks that allows them to run wild and free. Go ahead and bring your pet on your road trip in a campervan hire!

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