Tips to attain success in VITEEE


VITEEE is the entrance exam for the esteemed institution Vellore Institute of technology. It offers engineering courses and conducts the exam on a national level. While it is your dream to crack VITEEE, it takes a lot of struggle to get through. We have mentioned a few points that may prove helpful to you while preparing for VITEEE.

  • Plan your studies in advance to avoid any hassle. You need to be aware of when you are going to do what. Make a time table that helps you with staying organized in your preparation
  • Research online to acquire information regarding application form, admit card, registration process etc. These things are important for you to be aware of. Do your vit slot booking on time as delaying might leave you with no slot.
  • Take help from VIT pass outs to understand the nature of the exam. They will be able to explain the concept of wbjee admit card in detail and share their experience with you. Benefit from their advice and apply it to your preparation.
  • Do not refer to too many books. Buy some good ones that are recommended. Avoid studying from excessive study material. That will only confuse you. Find out what sort of matter suits you the best and select the books s per that.
  • Indulge yourself into meditation and yoga. Practicing the two gives you a lot of mental peace which you really need while preparing for VITEEE. It soothes your brain and wipes of any negative thought that you have. Staying positive always helps you to build concentration.
  • Attempt all the questions in the exam. Even those which you are doubtful about. VITEEE has no negative marking and therefore you have room for taking risks.
  • VITEEE is an objective exam and the pattern of the questions is multiple choice questions. Solve as many multiple choice questions as you can to get an idea of how it works.
  • Assign yourself few topics daily and make sure that you cove them the same day. Keep weekly or daily targets and achieve them. This will help you wrap up the syllabus early
  • Revise once you are done with the first time completion o the syllabus. Revision helps you memorize the topics you studies initially as when you progress to further topics, the initial one tend to fade a little. Revise 2 to 3 times so you can be confident about all that you have prepared.
  • Stay away from distractions as much as possible. Avoid social media platforms for some time as they take away a lot of time from your schedule. Don’t give much time to people and phone calls. Devote maximum time to your studies.
  • The right amount of efforts is very important for you to reach your goal. Don’t take it leniently and avoid delaying the preparation. The more efforts you put, the closer you are to being a part of VIT.
  • Have discussions with experts about the topic and gain information from them that is useful for your preparation.
  • Opt for mock tests and keep a track of your score. Learn from your mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat them.

Hope these tips prove useful to you in making it to VIT.

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