Useful Tips for Controlling Diabetes


Diabetic patients have always a high risk of having heart diseases, kidney problems, stiff arteries, nervous problems, vision problems and others. These problems may vary from person to person and Diabetes hardly shows any signs of its presence.

Diabetic patients always require keeping an eye on their glucose levels to prevent themselves from facing any serious health issues. If diabetic patients have an idea about how to live a balanced life then they can easily prevent themselves from many different health problems.

So, here we are discussing some tips which will definitely help you in controlling your glucose levels.

Avoid FatsFats

If you are diabetic then it is necessary to avoid fats in your daily diet. You can take fats but only 30% intake is enough for you to keep healthy. Prevent your arteries from being stiff by avoiding those products which contain fats like butter, ghee, cream, etc. Cook your meals in olive, sunflower and mustard oils to prevent your arteries from becoming stiff and tight.

Use fibers enriched productsFibers

Include 40% fiber in your daily diet to stay healthy. Use products made from wheat, barley, millet, flour and others because they contain good amount of fibers. Also use those vegetables and fruits which are enriched with fibers to control your glucose and cholesterol levels.

These fibers don’t allow sugar to dissolve quickly into the blood and thus insulin gets less work to do in order to control the glucose level.

Limit the cholesterol levelCholesterol

Limit your cholesterol level by avoiding those products which are responsible to increase the cholesterol level. Avoid eating liver, kidneys, brain, cream, yoghurt, milk, eggs’ yolk and cheese to keep the cholesterol level down.

Eat lessEat less

It does not mean to keep your stomach half empty but it means to eat not much in different meal timings. Do little breakfast, fill your appetite with brunch, then go for a lunch, some snacks in tea-time and then have a dinner. If you eat less, your glucose level will not go higher and this practice will keep your sugar to normal levels.

Avoid AlcoholAlcohol

Alcohol is injurious to your health even in normal conditions and same is the case for smoking. Avoid all these stuff if you are a diabetic one.

Reduce weightWeight

According to a survey, 80% patients of Diabetes type 2, suffer more from obesity because of their luxurious life styles. Due to obesity, the insulin quantity disturbs and when they do exercises to reduce weight their glucose level decreases.

Do daily workouts to get rid of obesity and at the same time avoid fats in your daily meals as much as you can. Women require 1200 calories per day and men require 1500 calories so keep this figure in mind.

Walking, cycling, swimming, jogging, etc are best for diabetic patients so if you want to control your glucose level normal then go for different exercises daily.

Avoid CaffeineCaffeine

Caffeine is used in different headache medicines and it may increase the sugar level so it is better to avoid caffeine.

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