Hepatitis C – Discovery of a New Treatment Method


Hepatitis C is such a disease which directly affects the liver. According to Medical Experts, Hepatitis CHepatitis B and C both are like slow poisons. They hardly show any signs of their presence and that is the main problem of these diseases.

About 130 to 150 million people of the world are getting affected by Hepatitis C every year. Out of these, 35 thousand people are losing their lives every year.

2 million people in United Kingdom are affected with the disease and scientists haven’t got any success in preparing a proper vaccination to cure it.

The treatment period of Hepatitis C is about 1 year and during the treatment process, patients are treated through injections.

From many years, scientists are working to develop a proper treatment method and now they have finally achieved what they were trying to achieve.

A new treatment method has now successfully developed which can help patients to recover up from the disease in 12 to 24 weeks time.

The treatment medication and its results were forwarded to EASL’s yearly meeting and the outcome was very positive. About 90% patients will be able to recover from the disease within 12 weeks time and it is really great news.

The role of the new medication is to fight against the protein which is the main culprit. It attacks on the protein which is responsible to develop Hepatitis C and stops it from becoming more active.

There are some side effects of the medication like headaches, fatigue and nausea and these are some common side effects which are also present in the previous Hepatitis C treatments.

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