Why having a dog will be your best choice you ever made in life!


many hours, days, months or years you have stayed away from them, they will always hug you, lick you, and cuddle you as soon as they see you. They will dance with sheer joy and will make you feel loved instantly. Indeed, dogs are mood uplifters.

You Never Bore Them:

Dogs will love those lonely walks with you, they will love to play with you in parks, and they will always love to do those pillow fights with you that made you happy when you were young. Dogs do not keep you as a rebound or under the grid of choices. Undoubtedly, you mean the universe to them.

Unconditional Love:

The best part of dogs in that they love you without any terms and conditions. They do not judge you for your deeds, neither they show any tantrums to be in your life. They love you for who you really are. When a dog is your best friend, you do not have to be cautious of your looks, the way you talk or sit, and the way you eat.

Adventurous Souls:

Dogs are always ready for fun, entertainment, and adventures. They never act as a spoilsport and make sure they have the best of their time exploring new things, places, and feelings with you. They copy you and perform the deeds in the same manner.

Well, we just learned why having a dog as a friend is a right choice, however, before you agree your heart to get a dog for yourself, make sure, you consider the below-mentioned points.

Time Commitment:

With dogs you need to gift your time to them and by gifting we mean, taking them out thrice a day, making dog meals, and taking care of their hygiene as well. If all of this is not what you can do then probably you should rethink the idea of buying a dog.

Your Allergy Syndrome:

If you are allergic to dogs then having a pet as a dog is not at all a good idea. However, there are a number of breeds of dogs and chances are that you may just be allergic to a couple of these. There are generally 3 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for Allergy Sufferers. Make sure you know which dog is good for you and your health before buying one.

Needs care Like A Child:

Dogs are like children, they need proper care and cleanliness. Even a chewing gum can be dangerous for dogs. Any article which is unsafe, sharp, and hot should be kept away from dogs. Many dogs are allergic to various types of food and to make sure your dog remains healthy and fit, do not forget to consult and visit a veterinary doctor.

Financial Aspect:

According to a survey, taking care of a small dog, medium dog, and a huge dog cost annually $420, $620, and $780 respectively. In addition to that during some emergency situations, the cost will be doubled. So, if you are ready to spend these huge amounts then definitely consider having a dog otherwise just drop the idea.

Proper Grooming:

Dogs too need proper grooming. Their nails should be cut regularly, their teeth should be taken proper care of, and their body hair should also be treated well, as heartworm infections can cause the fatal death of your dog.

If one needs a true friend and a lovely cohort then definitely dogs are the best!

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